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Bobman spreaders are available in four versions, suitable for small, medium, and large dairy farms. Bobman spreaders have been developed in co-operation with the sales department and milk producers from several countries. The result is efficient, reliable spreaders which will scrape the slats, sweep the stall and spread an even layer of straw or saw dust in the stall all in only one pass. By cleaning the cow beds in this way every day it is proven to reduce cell counts, increase the cows comfort and cleanliness ultimately all leading to higher quality milk.

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Common features in the Bobman Range are Diesel engines, step less hydraulic propulsion, intuitive controls, large sweeping brush and lower scraper. Having hydraulic propulsion gives high torque at the wheels, and makes the Bobman very controllable it also removes the need for a conventional braking system, as the braking is controlled by the propulsion system. The Bobman is very manoeuvrable.The S and FL have a turning radius of only 1.8m. These design features lead to low maintenance cost and downtime thus maximising your ability to get the job done every day, day in day out.

With four models to choose from there a Bobman for every dairy farm.

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Bobman Yard

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  • Bobman Bedding Machines – Brush the lying areas and spread fresh bedding material in one pass.
  • Brushing infectious bacteria whilst replenishing new bedding material is very beneficial for keeping cell counts low.
  • The Bobman will reduce both labour time and costs.
  • Bobman use a 3 wheeled design to allow high manoeuvrability in small areas.
  • Bobman spreaders reduce the work load even in the milking parlour as the cows are arriving in clean to be milked there is minimal cleaning required before the cluster is fitted for milking.
  • Clean cubicle beds reduce cell counts and reduces the risk of infection in the dairy herd.
  • We have Bobman Spreaders in farms all over the country, so call us there may be one close to you which you could see in action.
  • Bobman machines increase farming efficiency as they reduce the time taken to clean out the stalls or the cubicles of your livestock.
  • Disinfectant Sprayer now also available.

Bobman machines remove:

  • Urine
  • Discharges
  • Dirty Bedding
  • Milk Secretions

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ph For more info call: 086 8130876


Bobman Pro Cubicle Sweeper + Lime Blower

Bobman Pro Feed Turner

Bobman S

Bobman FL

Bobman SL

Full Bobman Range


For more videos please see the Jydeland Youtube channel

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We mapped the locations of Bobman cubicle cleaning machines sold in Ireland over the last couple of seasons. Here is what it looks like.

BOBMAN Customers Ireland - Google Maps