baleslice-logoThe Bale Slice is a new form of silage grab which will open the plastic and wrap on a round bale and hold onto it until the bale is dropped out of the grab. This is a totally new product and has just reached the market after a long time in development. The Bale Slice holds the plastic at the top of the grab after opening the bale, which allows the bale inside to drop away leaving only the plastic and net held in the grab. Once the bale is dropped out to the feeding barrier or into a fed wagon the plastic and netting can be released from the grab and disposed of separately. The patented system, which speeds up the operation of feeding, is designed to ensure you have the least amount of work to do with maximum productivity, reducing costs and saving valuable time. The plastic wrap and netting is removed from the bale while the bale is cut, all from the seat of your tractor or digger.

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